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Chris George

Team Lead, Principal Architect, and Tech Lead at Survey Monkey. Focused on building strong Engineering teams, designing platforms, and leading development of their Python based WebApps and APIs.


When I started at my current company, SurveyMonkey, I was brought on to a brand-new and quickly expanding engineering team. Our goal: Rebuild the entire web application from the ground up without interrupting our customer's experience, and adding new, compelling features when we could. In my four years there I have:

We went from this:

Old Design

To what's below in under three weeks with only two engineers:

New Design

I recently have built and have been leading our Enterprise product and Asset Sharing (Library) initiative.

A quick video preview of the results below:
Enterprise Management
Library Management - Managing Assets
Library - Adding Assets


Currently I am looking for the next engaging opportunity that will utilize my ability to build strong engineering teams; mentor and lead teams; and work across the stack while designing nimble and scalable systems. All focused creating a baseline to build a strong company off of. I love being challenged, whether that's building a full-stack solution or tackling learning how to code in C# and build an iOS application.

They say these days that it's the work that keeps you at the company because it's engaging, in my experience it's the people. In my next challenge, I hope to work on a team who is excited about the project they are building because they believe it'll make a difference in someone's world.


When I find a few free hours, or a rainy day where I am trapped inside (being from California, I don't like wasting my sunny days), I look at Open Source projects and contribute where I can. At times, I pick a project to learn something new and tackle an area I haven't touched in a while, or had to opportunity to approach in my day job. An example would be working directly with node and webkit. I pulled down the source, started reading through it, and attempted to write features to see how quickly I could engage in the project. Not all of these were successes in terms of contributing, but helped me further understand where the future could lie in the underlying technologies.


Survey Monkey
Team Lead and Principal Architect
} Feb 2010 — Mar 2015
Senior Software Engineer
} Mar 2008 — Feb 2010
Solutions Engineer
} Aug 2007 — Mar 2008
Sr. Analyst
} Jun 2006 — Jul 2007
Private Contracting
Owner and founder
} Jan 1996 — Jan 2001


University of California, Santa Cruz
BS, Information Systems & Tech Management
} 2006